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iPad is going to eat Kindle’s lunch, and then kick sand in his face

Posted by DK on January 27, 2010

I bought my wife a Kindle as an anniversary gift last year (yeah, I know real romantic). Both of us have used it a fair amount, but I ended up reading my books via the iPhone Kindle app. The touchscreen interface makes reading much more intuitive, page turns are smoother, and bookmarking is much easier. I also invert the screen contrast so the letters are white and the screen is black (makes late night reading a bit less annoying for my better half). Now, I really can't stand to read on the Kindle anymore. The only thing nice about it is the Amazon Whispernet service, which the Kindle app obviously also uses. The only downside about the iPhone is the screen size. For novels, I don't really mind, but for reference books, the small screen can really mess with the formatting of exhibits, charts, etc.

Well, the iPad rectifies the screen issue (and then some, according to all the bloggers that attended the event). The iPad isn't really that much more expensive than a Kindle either. It certainly is more versatile. Anyway, I sort of feel bad for Bezos. He did a good thing with the Kindle — Apple is just leveraging it's IP too well now.

We'll have to see how the productivity side of the iPad stacks up (particularly with no multitasking allowed), but from an eReader perspective, iPad is the new king of the hill. I mean, really, are you going to buy a Nook?


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