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Three Documentaries

Posted by DK on January 26, 2010

I've been on a documentary kick (care of Netflix Watch Instantly) and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the following films.

  • Harvard Beats Yale 29-29. My initial reaction to this title was similar to my reaction to my cable operator offering an Ivy League basketball package. Who could possibly care? Netflix proved me wrong. I still have no interest in Ivy League basketball, but Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 was surprisingly good. The ending is as action packed as any big-time game you've seen, and the fact that the players (now old white guys) can talk about the game with a refreshing amount of mature perspective makes this film a bit different (and more enjoyable) than your typical sports documentary. One other thing: Tommy Lee Jones is weird.
  • Tyson. I'm a boxing fan. Whatever you think of Iron Mike, he was one of the most compelling figures in the sport for most of our adult lives. This film was more artsy than I thought it would be, with Tyson providing an almost stream-of-consciousness commentary about his life. The chaos draws you in. Interesting stuff, particularly if you are a boxing fan.
  • Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock? This movie definitely wasn't on my radar screen, but my wife turned it on. Why not? The film describes how a female truck driver happens upon a potential Pollock painting and her quest to get it authenticated. She is, of course, rebuffed by the art intelligentsia. Drama ensues!

One Response to “Three Documentaries”

  1. Matt Marko said

    If you haven’t seen the documentary “King of Kong” yet, do it. You will love it!

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