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More or Less

Posted by DK on September 5, 2009

I’ve fallen behind on my More Or Less podcast, produced by the BBC and hosted by Tim Harford (author of The Undercover Economist). While the radio show naturally focuses on UK issues, the questions raised could easily be asked in any country. The August 7th episode was particularly good. The first story debunks of a widely watched YouTube video that argues Europe will be overrun by Islamic fertility. The second story discusses how a Home Office paper that asserts innocent people are as likely as guilty ones to go on to commit crimes in the future is misleading. A member of the family is a public defender, so I was interested to hear the analysis. Finally, as a lapsed musician, I was delighted to learn more about the math underlying the scales I practiced so often (I had no idea). You can find the episode at

Although More Or Less features plenty of lighter fare, it does a great job of highlighting how statistics can be used for good and evil in the political arena and why it is important for citizens to dig a little deeper before taking a number for granted. Plus, the Brits just sound, like, wicked smart…


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